The Bump and Grind Bike Trail in Rancho Mirage, CA

The gorgeous Santa Rosa Mountains are a breathtaking short range that is located east of the city of Los Angeles. The highest peak of this incredible mountain range is Toro Peak, which reaches an elevation of 8,716 feet. When climbing the Santa Rosa Mountains, visitors feel as if they can touch the sky, as they become one with this challenging desert landscape.

The Santa Rosa Mountain and Toro Peak Trail is a thirteen mile dirt road that ventures up and down the rugged peaks of the unforgettable Santa Rosa Mountains. The trail is located between Palm Springs and Idyllwild. This is a unique trail, in which you get to go beyond the Santa Rosa Mountains to the tip of Toro Peak.

Toro Peak offers the reward of an amazing breathtaking panoramic view that reaches from the mountain tops to the deep, vast valleys to the refreshing, cooling sea. The Santa Rosa Mountain and Toro Peak Trail allows one to take in the most stunning vies of the Southern California countryside.

Riders start out at 4,600 feet and climb to Toro Peak's incredible height of 8,716 feet. It is important to note that the weather can change very rapidly and drastically in the higher elevations. In the months of fall and spring, riders should be prepared to find snow at the top of the peak. Also, vehicles are permitted on the road to Toro Peak, so it is important to watch out for automobiles on your descent down the mountain.

The Santa Rosa Mountain and Toro Peak Trail is not particularly steep until you are almost at the top of Toro Peak. During most of the ride, you will be working at a mild pace that allows you to thoroughly enjoy the beautiful surroundings up the mountainside. This is the perfect trail for someone who wants so enjoy the peacefulness of nature, with a breath-taking challenge in the end.

Directions: You can reach the Santa Rosa Mountain and Toro Peak Trail by taking CA-74. About five miles down CA-74 you will see, on the right-hand-side, Santa Rosa Mountain Road. At the right of the road, there is a small dirt area that is used for parking. If there are several cars parked here, you can find additional parking just a short distance away.

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