The Sawmill/Santa Rosa Mountain Trail

The Coachella Valley is a recreational desert that is located in the most beautiful, diversified region of Southern California. The vast valley stretches for 45 miles reaching the tip of the cold saltwater of the Salton Sea to the unforgettable San Bernardino Mountain range. The Coachella Valley is an impressive, rugged fifteen miles wide.

Many bikers mistakenly believe that the Coachella Valley is too hot to ride through. This is a common misconception that proves to be far from the truth. The Santa Rosa Mountain/Sawmill Trail is a 26.3 mile journey that takes you to and from this incredible landscape.

During the journey, riders are refreshed by cooling mountain breezes, refreshing, gurgling mountain springs and panoramic views of the mesmerizing Santa Rosa Mountain range. Riders recommend this trail because of the “gobsmacking” views of the amazing countryside, with backdrops of rural canyons and mountain views.

Riders find that the 4,100 foot ascent is gradual, as one is overwhelmed with breath-taking, spectacular views of Mt. San Gorgonio, Mt. San Jacinto, and the Santa Rosa Mountain range. Riders who do not normally enjoy “out and back” trips will fall in love with this one.

The Sawmill/Santa Rosa Mountain Trail is a one-of-a-kind trail that offers a rider the most beautiful views of the entire countryside. There are some rides that are described as “epic” or “unforgettable,” and this is one of those rides, leaving you breathless as the scenery becomes more and more unbelievable with each passing mile.

Directions: To get to the Sawmill/Santa Rosa Mountain Trail, follow CA-74 to Palm Desert. You will see signs for the trail once you have reached Palm Desert. This is a long journey, and it is recommended that riders traveler in pairs and bring an adequate supply of food and water.

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