The Art Smith Bike Trail

Imagine a trail that weaves through the hard exterior and the heart of a challenging mountainside. The Art Smith Trail takes one through the gorgeous Santa Rosa Mountains. The Trail starts just north of the Palm Desert, near the National Scenic Area of the Santa Rosa Mountains.

The Art Smith Trail is a challenging, diverse trail that is for youthful, energetic, conquerors of the California countryside. The trail originates in the Canyon that is known as “Dead Indian.” This name leaves a clue to the difficulty of this amazing, one-of-a-kind rural desert trail.

The Art Smith Trail is a sixteen mile trail that stems from the starting point to the ending point and then back again. Along the trail, you will feel as if you have become a part of the enchanting desert garden. The trail showcases a wide-variety of unique cacti and sandy washes that arrived upon the deserted shore of a vast canyon.

The Art Smith Trail is impeccably maintained and has signs throughout the entire spectacular journey through the desert countryside. However, there are several times throughout the journey that the trail climbs so sharply that you will have to dismount. As you carry your bike, your attention will remain focused on the incredible, challenging workout and the backdrop of nature's unconquered frontier.

It is recommended that riders of the Art Smith Trail are young, or at least young at heart. The trail is for strong riders that are searching for paradise. The Art Smith Trail can prove to be a tiring ordeal for someone that is a novice or simply out-of-shape.

Directions: To get to the Art Smith Trail, take the I-10 East exit towards Monterey Avenue. Veer towards the right, so that you proceed up the steep, rugged mountainside towards the last of the Golfland Developments. On your right-hand-side, you will see the trailhead of the Art Smith Trail.

To reach the parking area, you must push through the windy mountain pass for a total of ten miles. Make a right hand turn at the Pinyon Campgrounds. The parking for the Art Smith Trail is on the right near the entrance of the campground. A shuttle will take your to the trailhead.

Enjoy your rugged, desert ride through the impressive and expansive countryside that makes California a rare find.

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